Touche Amore just released their excellent new album Lament, and now frontman Jeremy Bolm spoke to Zoe Camp about some of his current favorite music on Bandcamp. He put on for a lot of great, lesser-known hardcore bands like Entry (whose guitarist Clayton Stevens is also in Touche Amore), Soul Glo (whose upcoming EP is coming out on Jeremy's Secret Voice label), Mil-Spec, NØ MAN (members of Majority Rule), and Absolute Power, as well as Royal Headache offshoot Shogun and the Sheets and Power Trip, whose late, great frontman Riley Gale tragically passed away this year.

Speaking about Riley, Jeremy said:

Riley [Gale, late Power Trip vocalist] and I hadn’t always been close, but in the weeks before his passing, we’d been talking more than we’d ever had. I remember having a two-hour conversation with him about the new Power Trip record—he was curious about Ross Robinson—and he was planning to appear in our “Reminders” video. When I heard the news, it knocked the wind out of me; it was tough then, and it’s still tough now. I went down a YouTube hole the other night, and I watched the band’s “What’s In Your Bag” video for Amoeba: super charming, just Riley on the couch being funny. When I was going through all the Bandcamp links, I remembered that Power Trip put out Live in Seattle 2018 not too long ago. Live records are always hit-or-miss (often more so a miss than anything else) because it’s hard to capture what a band is good at live, audibly, without watching—especially with aggressive music. But Power Trip are just such machines, and such a talented band. This recording is flawless.

Read what Jeremy had to say about all of his picks at Bandcamp and listen to them all below.

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