Touche Amore vocalist Jeremy Bolm has shared a list of his 10 favorite albums of 2022, and discussed his list on the 100 Words or Less podcast. On Instagram, he writes, "I feel it’s worth mentioning we have rules about not electing records we released / had anything to do with which is why the Soul Glo LP isn’t here for example. That record is massively important to me and seeing all the love it got this year thrills me daily." Jeremy's list includes Drug Church, Spice, Momma, Chat Pile, Alex G, Birds In Row, and more. See his ranked top 10 below.

Touche Amore are playing four of their albums in full at their 15th anniversary shows in 2023.

Touche Amore records

Jeremy Bolm's 10 Favorite Albums of 2022
10. Belle and Sebastian - A Bit of the Previous
9. Alex G - God Save the Animals
8. Momma - Household Name
7. Christian Lee Huston - Quitters
6. Praise - All In A Dream
5. Birds In Row - Gris Klein
4. Spice - Viv
3. Drug Church - Hygiene
2. Greet Death - New Low
1. Chat Pile - God's Country

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