Today we premiere for you a new Tournament clip. The video was made by Derrick Beckles, creator of TV Carnage and Adult Swim's Hot Package. and it's a phantasmagoric, blender-edit of clips from '80s action flicks, late-night Cinemax softcore erotica, horror violence, bikini girls with machine guns and a little Fresh Prince of Bel Air. (It's also a lot like influential cult NYC cable access show Concrete TV). Or, as Beckles puts it, "an ode to sex and violence, the ultimate ‘lowest common denominator.’"

The song "Ooze" is off Tournament’s new EP "Take the Wheel" which is out now now via Colonel Records.

Catch Tournament live TONIGHT (1/27) at Shea Stadium in their hometown of Brooklyn as part of a Planned Parenthood benefit show that they organized. ToWer, Fostercare, Fur Helmet and Bad Bone are also on the bill.