Tower Records shut down in 2006, but the chain is in the midst of a relaunch, and they opened a new "creative space" in Williamsburg, Tower Labs, late last year at 151 Kent Ave. They're calling it "a creative hub for musicians, artists, and entertainers. Live performances, interviews, merch drops, and album signings will once again be a staple of the Tower experience," and continue:

Williamsburg is known for art and music. Tower is working with live venues across the Brooklyn area to establish an intimate space for performing acts to convene and socialize before and after shows. The intention is for artists and bands to host a more personal gathering with core members of their community. This may consist of listening parties, jam sessions, podcast interviews, gear demos, and more.

Tower Labs is an experimental space, as we continue to explore the potential reopening of retail locations. While this is not a traditional store, there will be pop-ups open to the public offering limited edition physical music, clothing, collectibles, and more.

"With the relaunch of Tower Records, our goal has been to bring fans a new music discovery experience while preserving the brand’s legacy and storied past,” Tower Records President Danny Zeijdel said in a statement. "The opening of Tower Labs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn marks a new era as the neighborhood has become a music and cultural hub. Our new space will not be a traditional retail store, rather a hybrid center for performances, pop-ups, listening parties, and content creation. Fundamentally, the intention here is to develop a blueprint for future Tower Records locations."

They've announced the the first events at Tower Labs: a screening Caroline Rose's new short film and meet and greet on March 24 (RSVP), and a "fan-focused event" with Lolo Zouaï on April 27. Stay tuned for more, and see pictures of the space below.

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