by Black Bubblegum

"Now, if you were talking about the hardcore band Tragedy, then this particular post would've been worth a helluva lot more." - d | September 6, 2007 4:56 PM


Studio B is on the way out, but not before hosting at least one more concert. The crusty gods of Tragedy (ex-His Hero Is Gone) are scheduled to play there on July 12th with Blacklisted and Morne (ex-Grief) as part of Hardcore Gig Volume. Tickets are on sale.

Morne are releasing their new album Untold Wait on Feral Ward before heading out for a European tour (dates below). Untold Wait will feature Alicia Morgan (of 13, who is looking to compile a discography) as well as Kris Force (of Amber Asylum, who recently released Bitter River).

Tragedy formed in 2000, so not surprisingly, there is some controversy every time we post about a more-recently named band that is also called Tragedy, and who bill themselves as... an "All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees" (speaking of which, I need to fix the way I have the tag setup on this website...).

In other "tragedy" news, Sky Saxon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Andy Hughes, and Dom DeLuise & Ed McMahon all recently passed on. We posted six obituaries yesterday (2 of them belated).

The Bee Gees Tragedy have a show coming up at Governors Island this summer. All dates below...

Tragedy (Bee Gees) - 2009 Tour Dates
Jul 9 - The Asylum w/ Ginger Birmingham City, United Kingdom
Jul 10 - Guilfest Main Stage w/ Motorhead Guilford City, United Kingdom
Jul 19 - FREE SHOW!! The Beach @ Governor's Island New York City, New York
Aug 13 - Emo's Austin City, Texas
Aug 14 - Cambridge Room @ House of Blues Dallas City, Texas
Aug 15 - House of Blues Houston City, Texas

Jun 27 2009 with Broken,Oiltanker,Dissystema BOSTON
Jul 12 2009 with Tragedy Brooklyn, New York
Aug 12 2009 KOPI Berlin,GERMANY
Aug 13 2009 ajz Neubrandenburg,GERMANY
Aug 14 2009 doedsmaskinen Copenhagen,DENMARK
Aug 15 2009 alte meierei Kiel,GERMANY
Aug 16 2009 lobusch Hamburg,GERMANY
Aug 17 2009 az Osnabrueck,GERMANY
Aug 18 2009 Az Mülheim,GERMANY
Aug 19 2009 acu Utrech,NETHERLANDS
Aug 20 2009 TBA TBA,Netherlands
Aug 21 2009 az de noodzaak festival with NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR [DK], RELICTS OF FUTURE [DE]... Gent,BELGIUM
Aug 22 2009 la miroiterie Paris,FRANCE
Aug 23 2009 tba TBA,FRANCE
Aug 24 2009 Schrottbar w/ BORN DEAD [USA] Biel,SWITZERLAND
Aug 25 2009 pmk bogen Innsbruck,AUSTRIA
Aug 26 2009 komma w/ BORN DEAD [USA] Esslingen,GERMANY
Aug 27 2009 ajz w/ FALL OF EFRAFA [UK] Aachen,GERMANY
Aug 29 2009 Paranoia Fest Dresden,GERMANY
Aug 30 2009 007 Prague,CZECH
Sep 1 2009 Ciprus bar Budapest,HUNGARY
Sep 2 2009 ekh w/ ANTIMASTER [MEX] Vienna,AUSTRIA
Sep 3 2009 pod radhostem Roznov,CZECH
Sep 4 2009 Play fast or don't -day off Hradec Kralowe,CZECH
Sep 5 2009 Play fast or don't Fest Hradec Kralowe,CZECH
Sep 6 2009 TBA Zdunska Wola,POLAND
Sep 7 2009 @ Tektura Lublin,POLAND
Sep 8 2009 TBA Warsaw,POLAND
Sep 9 2009 with Iskra(CA) @ Rockz Gdynia,POLAND
Sep 10 2009 TBA Wroclaw,POLAND
Sep 11 2009 ZORO with HEIRS [AUS] Leipzig,GERMANY
Sep 12 2009 Friese Bremen,GERMANY