21 indie/punk/etc bands have teamed up for the Trans Musicians & Allies For Change Bandcamp compilation, which will benefit Trans Lifeline. It includes some awesome covers, including Teenage Halloween doing The Breeders' "Drivin' On 9" and 2nd Grade doing Joni Mitchell's "All I Want," plus demos/voice memos from Future Teens, Harmony Woods, and more, as well as songs from Fred Thomas, Hit Like A Girl, Diners, Swim Camp, Bellows, and many others.

It was released by Z Tapes, and the Bandcamp description reads:

Trans Musicians & Allies For Change is a compilation created in support of our friends and family in the transgender community.

100% of the money gathered from this compilation will be donated to Trans Lifeline (translifeline.org/donate/).

Please consider funding the hotline and legal ID changes by purchasing the comp or directly donating.

Cover art by Julia Leiby
Compilation curated by Portia Maidment (Port Lucian)
A special thanks to Filip Zemcik (Z Tapes) for believing in this cause as well as every artist that made this possible through their generous donations.

Stream the full comp and check out the tracklist below...

1. Carly Cosgrove - An Introduction to the Album (Hotelier) 03:51
2. Max Gowan - I've Seen the Ceiling (Voice Memo) 03:24
3. Future Teens - Born To Stay (Demo) 02:58
4. Bellows - Learning How To Cry 02:03
5. Computer Science - 270 02:29
6. American Poetry Club - Yes, There Is A Way (Demo) 02:49
7. FLOOR CRY - Thought I Feel Better (Demo) 01:58
8. AllegrA - Parts of Me 04:15
9. Mon Nobi - The Light 01:12
10. Harmony Woods - Worry (Voice Memo) 03:55
11. Highnoon - Are You Doing Alright 01:47
12. Buddie - Take What's Left (Demo) 03:56
13. Hit Like A Girl - Trains at Midnight 03:33
14. Puppy Problems - Track Meet 02:04
15. Little Kid - What’s In A Name (Demo) 03:19
16. 2nd Grade - All I Want (Joni Mitchell) 02:42
17. Bedbug - Nightlight / Untitled 03:06
18. Teenage Halloween - Drivin' On 9 (The Breeders Cover) 02:15
19. Fred Thomas - I Was A Singer 03:41
20. Diners - This Time Around 03:15
21. Swim Camp - 1 03:11

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