Todd P's venue Trans Pecos is definitely do it yourself, but now it's also fully legit, having finally gotten its liquor license last week:

Our liquor license specifically includes all areas of our building, including our cafe and basement, and our huge, gorgeous patio, so you can take your drink outside -plus- we'll be hosting outdoor happenings on the patio this summer!

This marks the final achievement of Trans-Pecos' 2-year project to create a fully-licensed, "legal"/"legit," all ages, and independent music venue focused on intellectual/"experimental" music genres, that also serves as a daytime community-use facility opening our doors at no charge to like-minded community service charities seeking classroom, workshop, and event space.

We're super proud of how far we've come, rising from the ashes of 9-15 Wyckoff's big shutdown 3 1/2 years ago, and a little over a year since the closing of 285 KENT.

Congrats, Trans Pecos. You can head there tonight (5/5) and have a legal beverage while watching JOBS, Montreal band Notta Comet, Combman, and Advertising. You can check out Trans-Pecos' upcoming calendar here.