Rachel Aggs stays busy. In addition to Shopping and Sacred Paws, she's been a member of Trash KIt for 10 years and the group are set to release their third album, Horizon, on July 5 via Upset the Rhythm. The music of Zimbabwe and, specifically the cyclical Mbira rhythms, inspired Aggs' guitar work here, which blend seamlessly with her post-punk influences. You can hear it on Horizon's infectious title track and new single. “‘Horizon’ is quite literal I think," says Aggs of the song. "I was thinking about the edge of the earth - how people interpret the planet, how you can sometimes forget the enormity of the world and the universe and how small that can make you feel.”

The video for "Horizon" also takes the title pretty literally, and was filmed by Upset The Rhythm at an impromptu stop off at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire on the UTR 15th anniversary label tour. "The rocks are sculpted by 320 million years of movement of entire continents as well as hundreds of thousands of years of ice, rain and wind, have taken on weird and wonderful shapes and with a little imagination, they resemble familiar creatures." The video premieres in this post, watch below.

While Trash Kit don't have any tour plans at the moment, Sacred Paws will tour this summer for their new album on Merge.


Horizon tracklist:
1. Coasting
2. Every Second
3. Dislocate
4. Horizon
5. Sunset
6. Get Out Of Bed
7. Disco
8. See Through
9. Traffic Lights
10. Get Out Of Bed (Reprise)
11. Window

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