“You’ll have to walk two blocks,” Mr. Webb said on Sunday, kissing another peroxide blond, Elin Hunter, a musician, on the cheek. “Two more blocks for this kiss, and a good pair of skinny jeans and heels,” he added.

Customers spanning four decades came to pay their respects, among them the rock photographer Bob Gruen and Chris Stein, of Blondie, whose daughter Akira was trying on a pair of Pop Art Dr. Martens.

“It used to be the only place you could get certain things — tight jeans, black jeans,” Mr. Stein said. “Motorcycle jackets. They were not part of the couture of the world. You had to find old ones.” - [The New York Times]

After 41 years in the same spot, East Village rock n' roll clothing store Trash and Vaudeville moved out of it's 4 St. Mark's location on Sunday, February 28. It wasn't closing, just moving to 96 East 7th (near 1st Ave). That was a sad day for NYC counter culture, as both St. Mark's Bookshop (open since 1977) and Patricia Field's store (who moved from EV to the Bowery) had their last days open on Sunday. Sounds, which was the last record store on St. Marks, closed in October 2015.

Meanwhile, Trash & Vaudeville's Jimmy Webb is a guest on the Brett Davis (or is it Jesse Camp?) show tonight, 3/2, on Public Access and streaming online.

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