Scottish pop greats Trashcan Sinatras return with their sixth album, Wild Pendulum, on May 13 via Red River Records. It's their first in seven years and the band recorded it in Omaha, Nebraska with Bright Eyes' member/producer Mike Mogis. Judging from the first two singles "Ain't That Something" and "Best Days on Earth," the band have lost none of their melodic gifts. You can stream both of those, and check out cover art and the tracklist (and a few of their older songs), below.

As mentioned, Trashcan Sinatras will play NYC Popfest on May 19 at Le Poisson Rouge with Young Romance, The Hermit Crabs, Free Cake for Every Creature and Big Quiet also on the bill. Tickets for this show are still available. It's currently their only announced show but they promise more will be announced soon.


trashcan sinatra wild pendulum

Trashcan Sinatras - Wild Pendulum tracklist
1. Let Me Inside (Or Let Me Out)
2. Best Days On Earth
3. Ain't That Something
4. Autumn
5. I Want To Capture Your Heart
6. All Night
7. The Neighbours' Place
8. The Family Way
9. I'm Not The Fella
10. What's Inside The Box?
11. Waves (Sweep Away My Melancholy)
12. I See The Moon

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