Following the tragic events at his Astroworld Festival in November, Travis Scott has announced the launch of Project Heal, a "multi-tier initiative dedicated to addressing challenges facing today's youth, especially those from marginalized and at-risk communities." Initiatives include scholarships, mental health resources and a "tech-driven solution for event safety."

"Over the past few months I’ve been taking the time and space to grieve, reflect and do my part to heal my community," Travis writes. "Most importantly, I want to use my resources and platform moving forward towards actionable change. This will be a lifelong journey for me and my family."

He continues:

While it’s easy for corporations and institutions to stay in the shadows, I feel as a leader in my community, I need to step up in times of need. My team and I created Project HEAL to take much needed action towards supporting real solutions that make all events the safest spaces they can possibly be. I will always honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy who remain in my heart forever.

Giving back and creating opportunities for the youth is something I’ve always done and will continue to do as long as I have the chance. This program will be a catalyst to real change and I can’t wait to introduce the rest of the technology and ideas we’ve been working on. See you all so soon.

About the event safety initiative, the Project Heal website reads:

HEAL will address safety challenges for large-scale live events, including funding the US Conference of Mayors Task Force of Event Safety and a tech product solution currently in development.

This effort will bring together all of the relevant stakeholders from government, public safety, emergency response, health care, event management, music, and technology. It will be the first time all of these groups and individuals will work together to most effectively address the safety challenges faced by future large-scale events. Scott, in conjunction with the group, will also aggressively focus on new technologies and innovations that offer ways to address the challenges posed by large-scale events.

At the conclusion of this research, HEAL, together with the US Conference of Mayors, will assist in the creation of a comprehensive report of recommendations to be presented formally and distributed to key stakeholders for adoption, including every Mayor of every town and city which hosts large-scale events. HEAL will work towards advocating that this report serves as the new safety and security blueprint for all festivals and large-scale events.

More information on these efforts, including product development, will roll out in 2022.

Scott is currently facing a combined lawsuit from numerous Astroworld attendees over the events that transpired at the festival. He's denied all allegations against him, with a legal representative for the rapper saying he "is not legally liable."

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