Tucson, Arizona duo Trees Speak (Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz) make cosmic instrumental music steeped in the komische sounds of Can and Neu!, prog, and '70s soundtrack music (from Morricone to Carpenter). The group have been on a prolific streak lately and are gearing up to release PostHuman, their third album in a year, on May 21 in the UK (June 5 in the U.S.) via Soul Jazz Records.

You can get an early taste of the album via "Elements of Matter," a seriously spacey track led by groovy bass, skittering drums and atmospheric keyboards and guitars that add to the overall psychedelic feel. We've got the premiere of it's animated video, made by Ten Years Time, which really adds to the song's otherworldly vibe. Watch that below.

Trees Speak's previous album, Ohms, was one of Neurosis co-frontman Steve Von Till's favorite albums of 2020.


Trees Speak - PostHuman
1. Double Slit
2. Glass
3. Chamber of Frequencies
4. Divided Light
5. Elements of Matter
6. Magic Transistor
7. Scheinwelt
8. PostHuman
9. Synthesis
10. X Zeit
11. Incandescent Sun
12. Healing Rods
13. Steckdose
14. Amnesia Transmitter
15. Quantize Humanize
16. Gläserner Mensch
17. Machine Vision
18. Hidden Machine

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