Psychedelic electronic wiz TOBACCO (aka Tom Fec of Black Moth Super Rainbow and one half of Malibu Ken with Aesop Rock) recently released the new single "Centaur Skin," and now he announced a new album and shared a song featuring one of his recent tourmates: Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. From the album description:

“For the past decade I’ve had this motherfxcker on my shoulder that makes me pick away at structure and melody. Purposely covering up moments because I can. That really came to a peak on Sweatbox. So I wanted the opposite this time. Write the songs without ripping them in half. I went from ‘what would the Butthole Surfers do?’ to ‘what would Cyndi Lauper do?’”

And what would Trent Reznor do? Fec found his answer straight from the source. Their collaborative track, “Babysitter,” fuses their voices into one deranged presence: “I’m the new babysitter,” they alert, before pivoting into a menacingly saccharine bridge. The track tumbles on a tom fill, then a punishing synth line rips into a cacophony of drums and feedback like a lawnmower gnawing through the living room carpet. “This was new for me, but I wanted to write a song that was everything I am and have been, and then like one notch further. Trent was the notch further,” adds Fec. The collaboration is a work of alchemy seamlessly blending TOBACCO’s trademarks with Reznor’s industrial rust and sonic gore.

That's a pretty perfect description, as you can hear for yourself by streaming this delightfully bizarre new song below. The album's called Hot Wet & Sassy and it comes out October 30 via Ghostly International.


1. Centaur Skin
2. Pit
3. Headless to Headless
4. Stabbed by a Knight
5. Chinese Aquarius
7. Jinmenken
8. Babysitter (feat. Trent Reznor)
9. Road Warrior Pisces
10. Poisonous Horses
11. Mythemim
12. Body Double
13. Motherfuckers 64
14. Perfect Shadow

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