Monday is memorial day. That means Sunday night is a Motherf*cker party in NYC. No bands on the bill for their 5th anniversary celebration, but Carlos D of Interpol is DJing (and transsexual Amanda Lepore is performing). Tricia Romano got together with Johnny T, Georgie Seville, Justine D, and Michael T for an interview. Here are some highlights...

JT: We only do Mofos on specific dates so the bands have to work around our schedule and it's hard to get everything organized a few months in advance. I'm still working on getting the Strokes. That will hopefully happen soon.

JD: The first Fischerspooner. Please, no more, no more "Emerge"! Not at my party, girl!

MT: Odd, I never thought we were going to alter the course of nightlife. You've mentioned a lot of fads—we never considered ourselves a fad. Maybe that's why we're still around.

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