Tricky will release his 14th album, Fall to Pieces on September 4 via his False Idols label. The trip hop icon has been on a hot streak lately and it's clear he's confident leading into this one. “I feel like I’m back,” he says. “I feel like I'm one of the best musicians England's ever had, and it’s time for me to focus on music again, 100%, like how I used to do at the beginning. That competitive thing I used to have when I was younger, like, my music is on a different level that’s how I feel again now.”

Fall to Pieces once again has him working with vocalist Marta, who has been on his last few records and sounds a lot like former collaborator Martina Topley Bird, with a few songs featuring Oh Land. The first single is "Fall Please," which manages to be new territory for him while still sounding like Tricky. "I’ve managed to do something I’ve never been able to do before, which is that everyone will feel it – even people who ain't into my music," Tricky says. "You could be in a club, or in a bar, and you’ll feel it. It's my version of pop music, the closest I've got to making pop." You can watch the video, and check out album art and tracklist, below.

Tricky released the 20/20 EP earlier this year which featured Anika and you can stream that below too.


Tricky - Fall to Pieces tracklist:
Thinking Of
Close Now
Running Off
I’m In The Doorway
Hate This Pain
Chills Me To The Bone
Fall Please
Take Me Shopping
Like A Stone
Throws Me Around

Check out photos of Tricky at Irving Plaza in 2018:

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