Tricky's False Idols label has shared "Pre War Tension," the debut single by Lonely Guest. The track features IDLES' Joe Talbot, recent Tricky collaborator/vocalist Marta, and Tricky himself, who produced it and contributes a verse.

As to who Lonely Guest actually is, the credits list the songwriters as Tricky, Marta, and Joe, as well as Freeez (which could be '80s act Freeez, in sampled form). The press release for the single says "Lonely Guest lays at the centre of a new era and network of artists for False Idols, which draw together on a unique vision for a contemporary independent record label." Maybe this will be a collaborative project like 1996's Nearly God. We shall see.

In any case, "Pre War Tension" -- whose title brings to mind Tricky's 1996 album Pre-Millenium Tension --  is very good, and very much in the vein of his excellent 2020 album Fall to Pieces. You can check it out below.

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