The full lineup has been announced for the 2019 Philly edition of Decibel Metal & Beer Fest. New additions include headliners Triptykon, as well as Uada and Tombs (not to be confused with Tomb Mold who are also on the bill).

They join previously announced bands Baroness, Deafheaven, Obituary (playing Cause of Death in full), Enslaved (playing Frost in full), Exhorder (playing their first Philly show in 27 years), Deceased, Rosetta, Tomb Mold, Wake, Heavy Temple, and Outer Heaven.

Tickets (two-day passes and single-day passes) are still available.

Triptykon just played the LA edition of Decibel Metal & Beer fest earlier this month, and they did a full set of songs by frontman Tom G. Warrior's classic band Celtic Frost. They did a career-spanning set and Tom gave a shoutout to his late Celtic Frost/Hellhammer bandmate Martin Eric Ain, who passed away in 2017. They did it again at Madrid Is The Dark this past weekend, and you can check out videos from both fests and the setlist from Decibel below. Tom G. Warrior is also doing a Hellhammer set at France's Hellfest in 2019, and he's playing a special Celtic Frost set with an orchestra at Roadburn, but the upcoming Philly show is being advertised as a regular old Triptykon set (which is still exciting). You can watch a video interview below where Tom talks about his reasons for doing these sets.

Also below, you can stream Uada's new album Cult of a Dying Sun (which I named my #15 metal album of 2018) and Tombs' 2017 album The Grand Annihilation.

Triptykon (all Celtic Frost set) at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest LA Setlist (via)
Procreation (of the Wicked)
Circle of the Tyrants
The Usurper
Ain Elohim
Necromantical Screams
Babylon Fell
Os Abysmi vel Daath
Morbid Tales
Into the Crypts of Rays
Dethroned Emperor
Synagoga Satanae

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