Trophy Scars returned from a short hiatus in June with the single "Panic Machine," and now they have announced their first live show in two years. The show is in celebration of the band's 15th anniversary, and they're promising songs from all over their very diverse career. They've experimented with post-hardcore, blues, prog, psychedelia, and more over the years, and hearing a mix of all of those styles in one night sounds very exciting. Here's what the band writes:

15 years: Darts, Hospital, Alchemy, Alphabets, Bad Luck, Darkness, Never Born, Vacants, Diapha... hold up...

Welp, I guess we can't keep it a secret for much longer... FIRST SHOW IN 2 YEARS! This is going to be an extravaganza celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary. Be prepared to melt as we play songs (v) old and (v) new. This limited event is already certified as one of the most important and spectacular of our career. Catch the rare sensation at the new and confoundedly wondrous White Eagle Hall. Tickets available Friday. Let your friends know you have a secret date with your childhood lover November 4.

We also reached out to singer Jerry Jones, who told us to expect an "over the top stage performance." Here's his full quote about the show:

Trophy Scars is something in my life that makes me incredibly proud and incredibly excited. Even when we think we've hit a creative block, there's always a new surge of inspiration right around the corner. Even when we think we've exhausted ourselves from playing live, there's always a hunger to do it again. It seems we've hit these points directly intersecting with each other. It's a serendipitous moment as it also happens to be our 15 year anniversary from when we played our first show almost exactly. This show is a grand old "thank you" to all our fans and friends and we will be pulling out all the stops with an over the top stage performance. Expect to be thrilled and inspired again. I know we are.

As mentioned above, the show takes place in the Jersey band's home state at the newly-reopened White Eagle Hall on November 4. Openers are Will Wood and the Tapeworms and latewaves. Tickets go on sale Friday (8/18) at 10 AM.

Check out the show flyer and stream Trophy Scars' new single, along with the video for the classic "Assistant. Assistants," below.

Earlier this year, Jerry Jones also released the debut album by his band Super Snake.