This past June, New York rapper Troy Ave (aka Roland Collins) was indicted for attempted murder for the shooting at Irving Plaza during T.I.'s May 25 show at the venue. Troy was also shot in the leg during the incident, though police believe he shot himself. Troy is now suing the owners of the venue for having security that allowed a gun into the concert, which he announced today in front of Irving plaza. The complaint said that Troy and other artists were allowed int the venue through a VIP entrance where they were not checked for weapons by a pat-down, a wand, a metal detector, or anything. Here's more via DNAinfo:

"[If it weren't] for their actions Troy never would have been shot, and none of the incidents that took place that night would have happened," Leemon said at the press conference. "He is the victim here. He did not bring a gun into this place, and we are seeking redress for the negligence."

The article adds that the complaint also suggests the violence could have been prevented if not for the "negligence" of the venue.

Troy Ave was released on July 11 on $500,000 bail, and the promise that he would not leave the five boroughs, or enter any nightclubs, bars or other venues.