Sean Bones @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple in 2009 (more by Natasha Ryan)
Sean Bones

If you're looking for a last minute excuse for a road trip this weekend, the Truck America Fest is happening for three days in the Catskills. Check out the full schedule at their site. Gothamist interviewed fest organizer Robin Bennett...

Gothamist: Would you ever want to bring the festival closer to NYC?

Robin: This is a only 2 and a half hour drive--you have to travel that far to get this type of peace and calm--and it can take that long to get through the Holland tunnel on a bad day!

Gothamist: Please share your strangest "only in New York" story.

Robin: I saw some blog commenters complaining that the festival wasn't in the city.... but that's the WHOLE POINT! Also just witnessed a local radio boss and his promo man arguing about changing the station brand colors from blue and green to red and yelloq--"but that's the color of the San Dego padres!"

if you're staying in the city, Sean Bones is playing a $3 at 3pm Happy Hour show at Pianos on Saturday. Later in the evening Brooklyn Bowl has shows both early (Peelander-Z!) and late (Amazing Baby). There are other shows Saturday too... coming soon in the What's Going on Saturday post. For tonight, check What's Going on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday are Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's tag sale, and a Spring Food and Craft Market at Brooklyn Lyceum.

Sunday head to Hoboken for the Hoboken Arts & Music Fest. More later.

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