With his tax returns being leaked by Rachel Maddow and a proposed health care bill almost no one seems to like, you'd think our president Donald Trump might have better things to do that tweet about a Snoop Dogg video. Then again maybe that is exactly what you'd think he'd do. In any case, that's what happened. Specifically, it was about Snoop and BADBADNOTGOOD's new video for "Lavender" with Kaytranada. Set in a nightmarish, literal world of clowns (including one played by Michael Rappaport), it eventually leads to showdown between Snoop and a clown facsimile of Trump. Snoop pulls the trigger on one of those guns that drops a "BANG!" flag, in true clown fashion. Needless to say, some republicans (like Senator Marco Rubio) have been up in arms about it, and 7AM Trump was enraged to Tweet:

Talking to TMZ, Ice-T defended Snoop, saying "You can't kill the president but he pushed the line and he had the edge right there...it's artistic and he's playing the line." You can watch below.