Plenty of musicians talk smack about Trump, but not many got their anti-Trump point across to baby boomers and mainstream media as loudly as Roger Waters did in October at Desert Trip (aka Oldchella). It wasn't the first time the prominent Pink Floyd member let his problem with Trump be known, and it wasn't the last. On January 20th aka Inauguration Day, Roger did a post on Facebook that has been shared over 113,000 times in a week. It simply reads, "The resistance begins today" and was accompanied by a very Trump-themed live video of "Pigs" from a show he played in Mexico City not long before Desert Trip. Watch:

Also in October: Roger, who like Trump is very into walls, compared our now-president to Hitler on Marc Maron's podcast. There are more examples.

Roger Waters is never afraid to speak his mind, and is no stranger to controversy. He doesn't seem too worried about losing sponsors, and he's probably chill with losing a few more fans if Trump is their thing. Or maybe true conservative Pink Floyd fans look past the politics of the man who wrote and released the great and more relevant than ever Animals ("Pigs" included), 40 years ago this week.

Regardless, Roger probably won't have a lot of trouble filling seats on his massive upcoming arena tour, especially the seats at his two Brooklyn shows happening at Barclays Center.

I'm guessing there will be at least one regular who will not be attending though. That's right, Donald Trump Jr., along with some other Trumps, are actually huge Pink Floyd Fans, as some digging into their social media has revealed. Shine on you crazy diamonds:



and some GN'R...

Bonus points for Neil too:

Hey you, standing in the aisles (behind Eric & Lara)...

Is there anybody in there?


All in all it's just another brick in the wall?

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