Photos of President Donald Trump's handwritten notes from a press appearance -- that he wrote in giant block letters with what looks like a wide-tip Sharpie -- took the internet by storm on Wednesday, inspiring countless memes and a downloadable font. His words  (I WANT NOTHING / I WANT NOTHING / I WANT NO QUID PRO QUO / TELL ZELLINSKY / TO DO THE RIGHT THING / THIS IS THE LAST WORD / OF THE PRES / OF THE U . S .") also inspired a lot of music.

Yesterday, Patton Oswalt tweeted the picture writing simply, "Morrissey voice," and a couple people were up to the challenge. BenJamminAsh offers up this one that uses Queen is Dead-era Smiths as inspiration. It's pretty great:

There's also this one from Appa the Flying Bison which is a little more "This Night Has Opened My Eyes":

Meanwhile, Alex Kliment turned Trump's note into a Ramones song:

...and Nick Lutsko turned it into an emo song:

Others wrote non-homage music to Trump's note, like comedian, indie rocker and Mystery Science Theater 3000 host Jonah Ray:

And bedroom pop artist Emperor X (who'll be on tour with AJJ next year) recorded this song titled "The Final Word of the Pres of the U Dot S Dot":

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