TUNS, the Canadian indie rock supergroup featuring Sloan's Chris Murphy, The Super Friendz's Matt Murphy and The Inbreds' Mike O'Neill, will release their second album, Duly Noted, on March 26 via Murderecords. The second single off the record is Matt Murphy's "We Stand United," a nostalgic power-pop gem and, as the band note, a "positive message of unity in these often divisive times."

The video for "We Stand United" was filmed just last week in Chris Murphy's Toronto backyard and hits on some patriotic notes, as the band point out in third person: "TUNS may have gone overboard on the Canadiana in their latest video. Fully decked out in tuque, winter coats, boots and scarves, they inadvertently made a video that seems to be attempting to answer the age old question: What if Bob and Doug McKenzie had a drummer? #beauty."

This is old-school video work, getting its high production values out of old fashioned Canadian know-how and inclement weather. No need to call in David Fincher's CGI department here, the snow, the fire, the frosty breath and fogging of glasses are all 100% real. Adds Mike O'Neill: "This video either cost zero dollars or 2 million dollars. You choose.”

The "We Stand United" video premieres in this post. Watch below.

Sloan, The Super Friendz and The Inbreds all feature on murderecords singles 1993​-​1998, which was just reissued digitally this month.

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