Seattle metal/punk/noise rock unit Turian are releasing their fourth album No Longer Human on August 5 via Wise Blood Records (pre-order), and after putting out the speedy, riffy lead single "Snakehead," they go in a slightly different direction on second single "Narcissus," which takes influence from new wave bands like Duran Duran and The Police.

"We are all suckers for a good mid-tempo banger," the band tells us. "This song came out as our runaway train track that just keeps stampeding the whole way through. The middle section was inspired by '80s new wave à la Duran Duran or The Police, and is one of our favorite moments on the entire album."

"The message of this song is about the world’s plague of violence," they continue. "The perpetrators of this violence care not for the wake they leave, only what they gain in exchange for the violence. Narcissus is the name of the ship Ridley escaped the Nostromo in Alien. It’s a good metaphor for the Xenomorphs of the world; those seeking only to procreate more or expand themselves, be it with power, wealth or even offspring."

You can definitely feel that new wave influence coming through, and it works really well with the band's usual caustic aggression. Check it out below.

1. Slowdeath
2. Snakehead
3. Judas Tree
4. Malfunction
5. Ten Misfortunes
6. Willoughby
7. American Dog
8. Buster Room
9. Narcissus
10. Saila Maaso


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