Baltimore hardcore outfit Turnstile have a new EP called Move Thru Me on the way. These guys work with a very '90s-sounding throwback form, the kind of dirty, shout-heavy hardcore that seeks to be catchy and angry at the same time (not catchy in a pop-punk way...more like catchy in a Rage Against the Machine way). In any case, if you like this sort of thing, it's a lot of fun, and the first two songs shared from the 4-song EP (which is out September 16 via their own imprint Pop Wig Records), are real bangers. "Come Back For More" is a breakneck punk sprint with a surprisingly melodic underbelly, and "Harder On You" is a mid-tempo rager that makes you want to do nothing more than stomp around a vacant lot in a backwards baseball cap. You can listen to both of those below.

Turnstile have some festival dates coming up, as they'll be part of Back to School Jam, Not Dead Yet, Wrecking Ball, and Sound on Sound. They also toured earlier this year with Basement, Colleen Green and Defeater. That's it for currently listed dates though.

Listen to side A of Move Thru Me below (via Stereogum).

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