"We're taught from childhood that our freedom as Americans is inextricably linked to our living in a democracy," said TV on the Radio's Malone. "Yet in our lifetime, we've seen democratic ideals weakened and the rise of oligarchy. Bernie Sanders is the candidate least beholden to corporate interests, least beholden to the 1 percent, least beholden to the status quo." - [Billboard]

TV on the Radio played the Bernie Sanders rally at Hunters Point in Long Island City on Monday night (4/18), where they performed a short set that included "Could You," "Wolf Like Me," and "Ambulance." You can watch video clips and the whole of Bernie's speech, below. This was actually the second Bernie event TVOTR guitarist Kyp Malone has been involved with, having played a solo set at a campaign event in Gowanus in March. Video of that is below as well.

These musicians-for-Bernie rallies, including the big one in Prospect Park with Grizzly Bear and last week in Washington Square Park with Vampire Weekend, are all in support of today's crucial NY primary election. Bernie seems to be the indie musician's candidate of choice. More from that BIllboard article:

"We approached Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear and TV on the Radio because they all have great ties to New York, and music is such a great addition when you're talking about this candidacy with so much energy and excitement," Batrice told Billboard about the artists donating their time to help Sanders in New York. While the campaign pays for the travel, meals and lodging of the acts they reach out to, plenty of musicians also offer their services on an unsolicited basis, and Batrice said her team tries to find as many slots for them as possible. "We've had some up-and-comers play different events, and since I've taken over, we've never said no to anyone unless it doesn't fit the nature of the rally or we don't have the capability to do music," she said.

Get out and vote.


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