Twain, the project of Matthew Davidson (who's a frequent Big Thief collaborator), has announced a new album, Noon, due October 21 via Keeled Scales (pre-order). The album was recorded by Twain’s longtime collaborator Adrian Olsen and features bass by Ken Woodward and drums by Austin Vaughn, and Matthew says, "Noon is where I am, more-or-less, in my natural life span and in my creative life span. I picture noon being at the very bottom of a bowl… the resting point of a pendulum… not the apex of an arc, or the crest of a hill. Arriving at noon for the first time in my life, I sense everything reversing and the possibility to change and cure and heal is real for the first time. This album is a prayer from noon for the rest of the day."

The album features recent single "King of Fools" and the just-released "The Priestess," a warm, lazy-Sunday folk song with a hint of psychedelia. "I thought I was writing this song to a friend and later found out it was directed towards myself," Matthew says. "It is about allowing the heart to speak, and being direct." Listen below.

Twain plays NYC's Bitter End on July 27.

1. Noon
2. Vitality
3. King of Fools
4. The Priestess
5. A Kiss
6. The Magician
7. 2 Lovers
8. The Light
9. A Prisoner
10. Friend That Helps
11. Walking II
12. Nona
13. Yea O Dog Mind

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