With less than two weeks until the premiere of the new episodes of Twin Peaks, excitement is hitting a fever pitch and there are a few new things to tell you about. Showtime has commissioned street artists Leon Keer and Nate Baranowski to create a 3D anamorphic "Red Room," and this street art will be displayed in three locations – New York, Portland and Los Angeles. The NYC piece is up now through Saturday, May 13 outside BAM which is also hosting that "Peak Performances" film series.

The Portland street art will be up at Voodoo Doughnut Too from May 18-20; in Los Angeles, it runs May 25-27 as part of the EatSeeHear Festival at The Autry Museum. More information is here.

In NYC, we mentioned that Videology is currently running Twin Peaks Bingo on Wednesday nights, which is free, but they're also hosting a couple other related events. There's Twin Peaks Trivia this Sunday, May 14 at 8 PM, and then they're hosting an all-day Twin Peaks celebration on Sunday, May 21 featuring a costume contest, more trivia, screenings of select Twin Peaks episodes, drink specials, (and of course pie and coffee) and more leading up to the new episodes at 9 PM. What, no Leland Palmer dance contest? It's free and starts at noon. More details here.

There is also the Twin Peaks tribute happening at Brooklyn Bazaar on May 16.

Elsewhere, there's a big Twin Peaks cover story in the current issue of Variety -- that's the cover, with David Lynch, Kyle Maclachlan and Laura Dern, above. As you might expect, they don't reveal anything about the plot, though Lynch does say Laura Dern's character (some are theorizing she may be Diane in the flesh) is a big part of the new series, as is Lynch's character Gordon Cole, and that some of the story takes place outside of the town of Twin Peaks. Here's a little bit:

Nevins lets it slip that Lynch’s character, the hearing-impaired FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, is “pretty prominent” in the new season. “I probably said too much,” he adds.

MacLachlan says that Lynch enjoys the world of “Twin Peaks” so much that he couldn’t resist putting himself back in it. But he admits that, for his part, he finds it hard to stay in character when he’s doing scenes with his director. “Unless we’re really both firmly rooted in what we’re doing, we tend to start laughing and messing up,” the actor says. Stopping for a moment, the actor reconsiders: “David, when he works, he’s very committed to Gordon. So when I’m in there with him, he’s able to really hold it. He holds it better than I do, to be honest.”

For those expecting a similar structure to the original, which revolved around Laura’s death, Frost issues a warning: “It’s going to be very different this time around.”

It's a good read and you can check out the whole thing over at Variety.

Showtime also shared a new teaser trailer, that points out that Twin Peaks really first put the Peak in Peak TV. Watch that below.

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