Maryland's Two Inch Astronaut have always had a sound that hearkened back to '90s DC post-hardcore, so naturally it made a ton of sense when they hooked up with Jawbox's J. Robbins to produce their new album Personal Life, which came out last month on Exploding In Sound (order yours). The album's title track, which rips as hard as many of Two Inch's influences, has just gotten video treatment courtesy of director Mike O'Brien. In his words:

We shot this video with a budget of $90 spent entirely on selfie sticks. On a snowy Sunday afternoon in January we arranged volunteers in a circle around Two Inch Astronaut and simultaneously rolled camera on their individual selfie-sticked phones while the dudes played through the song multiple times. I captured everyone’s footage off their phones, synched them (4 scenes each with 15 different cameras), and edited between them. Originally I meant for the circular selfie-stick arrangement to accomplish some kind of DIY matrix-esque time-space-warp camera trick, but I didn’t plan well enough so it looked like garbage in the initial edit. Luckily, capturing a bunch of footage of people watching themselves watch Two Inch Astronaut play "Personal Life" was still cool. Just seeing how people chose to frame up their shots and what they did while they stood there was interesting. I was also super stoked about the snow because it looked dope and everyone had fashionable winter attire.

That video premieres below.

The band also has touring plans, including SXSW and a stint opening the Hop Along / Speedy Ortiz tour. That tour includes Asbury Park's Wonder Bar on May 10. Tickets for that show are still available. All dates are listed below.


Two Inch Astronaut -- 2016 Tour Dates
03/08 - Greensboro, NC @ Revolution Cycles w/ Kal Marks
03/09 - Asheville, NC @ Odditorium w/ Kal Marks
03/10 - Nashville, TN @ Freakin Weekend Fest w/ Kal Marks
03/11 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderoot w/ Kal Marks
03/12 - Talahasse, FL @ Wolfs Den w/ Kal Marks, Yikes & Lingua Franca
03/13 - New Orleans, LA @ Sisters In Christ w/ Kal Marks, Woozy & Melters
03/14 - Lafayette, LA @ Bisbano's Pizza w/ Kal Marks
03/15 - Houston, TX @ Alley Kat Bar w/ Kal Marks
03/16 - Austin, TX @ Eden Co-Op (Funeral Sounds + Broken World Media Showcase) - 2:50 PM
03/16 - Austin, TX @ Love Goat (Ground Floor Booking Showcase) - 11:30 PM
03/17 - Austin, TX @ Todd’s Mansion - 8:00 PM
03/18 - Austin, TX @ Hole In The Wall (Exploding In Sound + Stereogum Showcase) - 11:10 PM
03/26 - Washington, DC @ The Void w/ Gnarwhal
05/07 - Portsmouth, NH @ 3S Artspace w/ Speedy Ortiz & Hop Along
05/08 - Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair w/ Speedy Ortiz & Hop Along
05/10 - Asbury Park, NJ @ The Wonder Bar w/ Speedy Ortiz & Hop Along
05/12 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat w/ Speedy Ortiz & Hop Along
05/13 - Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight w/ Speedy Ortiz & Hop Along

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