The "world's only heavy metal-themed talk show," Two Minutes to Late Night, was started by Jordan Olds (aka "Gwarsenio Hall") and Drew Kaufman (aka "Kevin the Sound Guy"), tapes at Brooklyn metal club Saint Vitus, and features Mutoid Man (whose Nick Cageao does sound at Vitus) as the house band. From an interview with The Alternative:

The Alternative: I first heard about you guys from showing my girlfriend (we totally treat your live tapings as ‘Date Nights’) videos of Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Mutoid Man fame. We stumbled upon the pilot which was posted in 2016. Jordan you took guitar lessons from Stephen which lead to you meeting Mutoid Man bassist Nick Cageao who is naturally your Andy Richter, as Richter is to Conan O’Brien. Which I can only perceive as destiny, which led to St. Vitus in Brooklyn as your home for the live tapings. I can’t think of a better band to be the house band for your show. What is it like working with Mutoid Man, and is it indeed a natural of a pairing as it seems to be?

DK: Oh 100%. Those dudes are the absolute best. Not only are they the best band in the world but they’re all natural comedians. They learn their lines in like three minutes and kill them in the first take. If you want to talk about Conan, who is obviously one of our biggest inspirations, those dudes are like three Max Weinbergs trying to out Max Weinberg each other. I love it. And Emily Lee is the best. She has a little riff in an upcoming episode that was totally her idea and it’s one of my favorite jokes.

JO: I don’t like them very much.

Two Minutes to Late Night's pilot episode, produced in 2015, features Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Laura Stevenson (who performs with Mutoid Man as "Chlamydia Newton-John"), and a running bit about the weather outside Glenn Danzig's house. Episodes from season one, released this year, have featured Walter Schreifels, new Baroness guitarist Gina Gleason, Brann Dailor from Mastodon, War on Women, and more. Watch the 2015 pilot and the four episodes from this year below. More episodes are on the way, and they're crowdfunding to help with expenses; you can contribute via Patreon.

Two Minutes To Late Night (Mutoid Man and host Jordan, as "Gwarsailor Moon," included) visited New York Comic Con on Saturday to perform at gothic perfume oil makers Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's booth on the show floor. Security quickly escorted them out for being too loud, but no matter. They set up right outside Jacob Javits Center instead, and made "Two Minutes to Late Night Gets Kicked Out of Comic Con," which features them playing a set of video game music from Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, and more. Watch all of that go down below. You can also watch them play "Bridgeburner" by contributing to their Patreon.'

Two Minutes To Late Night will also be at Gainesville punk festival The Fest, and this time War On Women will be their house band, and they'll have Masked Intruder, Effy The Fest Champion, and more as guests. That goes down at 7:40 PM at The Wooly on 10/26, followed by sets by Lee Corey Oswald, Free Throw, a mystery band, and Be Yourself live band karaoke. Flyer below.

Stay tuned for more episode tapings at Vitus. They've also got on ongoing podcast, Pod Minutes To Cast Night, which includes episodes on essential albums like Metallica & Lou Reed's Lulu, Metallica's St. Anger, Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy, Black Flag's What The..., and more.

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