As you probably know, reading this on the internet, the "return" of Twin Peaks began Sunday night on Showtime, and the premiere featured Chromatics performing "Shadow" at Bang Bang Bar. They're just one of many musicians who will likely do the same in upcoming episodes, and Pitchfork reports there are two official soundtracks on the wawy: Twin Peaks (Music From the Limited Event Series) and Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack) both of which will be out September 8 via Rhino. No tracklists have been announced yet, but the former looks to be Angelo Badalamenti's score and the latter the songs by other artists used in the show.

If you watched last night's premiere, you probably noticed that, apart from the iconic main theme, this is a very different Badalamenti score than in the ABC series. (Here's your spoiler alert.) Gone are the often broad, TV-y, on-the-nose noir-ish cues that highlighted what was happening onscreen, and is now more in line with Lynch's Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire, low and droney. It's especially noticeable in lighter scenes with Twin Peaks townspeople, where there was often no score at all. How long before people start putting clips on YouTube with the old score added in?

Watch the new opening credits for Twin Peaks below...

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