"I wanted to cover Nilsson Schmilsson for years," says Ty Segall, "so I used the opportunity of being at home to cover my favorite cuts from the record." The result is the Segall Smeagol EP which has him tackling six songs from Harry Nilsson's 1971 classic, including "Coconut," "Gotta Get Up," "Driving Along," and "Jump in the Fire." (The cover art nods to both the Nilsson original and Lord of the Rings.) They're recognizably Nilsson songs, but Ty plays them like he wrote them. Ty does not cover the album's biggest hit, bombastic ballad "Without You," though. It's definitely worth a listen and you can download it for free and listen below.

In other news: Ty's band Fuzz are still set to tour starting in late May but that may change, and he's got a late summer/fall tour with The Freedom Band as well (that seems a little likelier to not get postponed or canceled).