by Andrew Sacher

photo: Ty Segall at The Bell House last month (more by PSquared)
Ty Segall

Ty Segall is a man of many musical projects, like his own (which just played four NYC shows last month), Fuzz, and Ty Segall & White Fence, to name a few. Now he's got another power trio to add to that list: Broken Bat.

The band is Ty, Melvins drummer Dale Crover, and OFF!/Redd Kross (and Redd Blood Cells) bassist Steven McDonald. So far, all the band have released is "just a taste" of first single "Take My Medicine." From the sound of it, they have a sludgy, evil vibe more similar to Fuzz than Ty's solo material. But what else would you expect from putting Ty in a studio with a Melvin? Listen below.

Meanwhile, the Melvins were just in NYC twice this week on their tour with Le Butcherettes, hitting Santos Party House on Monday (6/29) and Tuesday (6/30). Like they've been doing at other stops on this tour, the shows had them ending with covers of Pop-O-Pies' "Fascists Eat Donuts" [hey, the Pop-O-Pies! - Bill] and Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl," with Le Butcherettes' Teri Gender Bender joining them on vocals. Video of those covers at the 6/30 show, and the setlist from that one, below.


Melvins @ Santos - 6/30/15 Setlist (via)
Hag Me
The Water Glass
Captain Comedown
Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad
Sesame Street Meat
Graveyard (Butthole Surfers cover)
It's Shoved
Stop (James Gang cover)
Moving to Florida (Butthole Surfers cover)
Sweet Willy Rollbar
Bride of Crankenstein
A Growing Disgust
We Are Doomed
Youth of America (Wipers cover)
The Bit
Your Blessened
Night Goat
Fascists Eat Donuts (Pop-O-Pies cover)
Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill cover)