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Ty Segall & The MuggersTy Segall & The Muggers @ Webster Hall 2/28/2016

"Infantile" is a good descriptor of Ty Segall's current tour. This is not meant as derogatory, as much as a statement of fact. Diapers (clean diapers) rained down on the audience from both sides of the balcony at Webster Hall on Saturday night (2/28) while Ty and his band The Muggers played "Big Baby Man." Add to that Segall wearing the rather disturbing baby mask (as seen on the cover of his new LP Emotional Mugger) for a good part of the show, more than a few songs mentioning "candy," and you get a regressive state of a show. In the best possible way.

Ty Segall really seems to be relishing the spotlight that this tour gives him. With two or three other guitarists, depending on the song, he's in pure frontman mode, egging on the crowd, jumping in the crowd, calling people on cellphones, and generally hamming it up. Luckily the Muggers, which include King Tuff, Mikal Cronin and Cory from Wand, are more than up to the music side and they just sounded great on Saturday, which was the first of two nights at Webster. (This was not quite the drunky party vibe of the Baby's show.) The bulk of the set was from Emotional Mugger (which is bigger and better live than on LP) but they did throw fans some older bones, too, like "Thank God for the Sinners," which probably got the most audience reaction of the night.

Opening was CFM, the band fronted by Ty's sometimes bandmate Charles Moothart, and former tourmate Axis:Sova. Pictures from their sets, and more pics from Ty & the Muggers and video of the diaper-filled "Big Baby Man" performance, below.

Sunday night (2/19) Ty Segall played Webster with The Men and Dion Lunadon of A Place to Bury Strangers. We'll have pics from that show up soon.


Axis: Sova


Ty Segall & The Muggers