Ty Segall is stretching out on this tour. The Freedom Band, his current backing group which features frequent collaborators Mikal Cronin (bass) and Charles Moothart (drums) plus Emmet Kelly (guitar) and Ben Boye (keys), are very talented and sound giant, especially when they lay on those multi-part harmonies. Instrumentally, though, they are trying new things, with more than a few extended jams, plus lots of twin lead guitars and and hammer-on style noodling. You can tell Ty and Emmet are really enjoying playing together on this tour, as they face each other, in simpatico, from opposite ends of the stage. At times it got a little too noodley for me -- there was an extended Jazz Odyssey portion that got so extended I forgot what song they were playing (it was "Freedom"). To underline all this, at the final night (May 19) of his three-night stand at Brooklyn's Warsaw, they covered Grateful Dead's "Franklin's Tower." Ty mosh-loving fans got plenty of what they wanted too, but who knows where he'll go for his next album. Given his prolificacy, we'll probably find out before the end of the year.

Adding to the improvisational element of the night were Xylouris White, and Shannon Lay (who also played Thursday's show) was on the bill too. Check out pics from Friday's show in the gallery above, and the setlist is below.

Pictures from night 1 of Ty's Warsaw run are here.

SETLIST: Ty Segall @ Warsaw 5/19/2017
Goodbye Bread
Break a Guitar
Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)
The Only One
Orange Color Queen
Franklin's Tower (Grateful Dead cover)
The Crawler
Candy Sam
She Don't Care


photos by Em Grey

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