Fuzz, the proto-metal inspired power trio of Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals) and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals), will be back this month with their third album which they made with Steve Albini behind the boards. They've just shared a new track from it -- "Spit," a super-catchy chunk of glammy riff-rock that really shows what this power trio can do.

“‘Spit’ was written early in the process of working on III," says Moonhart. "When Ty and I first started working on this song, we didn’t know if it was even going to be a FUZZ song or not. We wanted to make a song that felt straight forward, but had a subtle tweak that over time gets more obvious. The verse riff almost feels like you’re falling asleep at the wheel then the chorus opens up with a melodic, but sharp riff that adds to the punch-drunk feeling of the verse. I started doing stop motion as a quarantine experiment. I wanted to make experimental animation that I could try to make sound design for, and I ended up just making a FUZZ video. It was an extremely fun project to take on in this time. It was especially fun to open up for feedback and ask for direction so that I had to challenge myself to complete something that felt cohesive. I was honored when it became more clear that I had actually created something that the band wanted to stand behind from an aesthetic standpoint.”

Moothart has spent some of his time during quarantine learning stop-motion animation, which you can see in his very cool video for "Spit" that he made using household items in very psychedelic ways. Watch that below.

III will be out October 23 via In the Red.

Fuzz are set to tour in early 2021, though that schedule may change. Stay tuned.

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