Typhoon released Offerings, their first album since 2013's White Lighter, earlier in January, and they're out on their first tour in four years in support of it. That tour stopped in NYC for two shows over the weekend - Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday (1/27), and a matinee in-store at Rough Trade on Sunday (1/28). We caught Saturday night's show. With a seven-piece band, including two drummers, Typhoon sounded huge as they took on songs from the new album, along with some older ones. In their review, The House List said:

At times Typhoon felt like a big folk band that had fallen, comic book–style, into a vat of acid, taking on superhuman strength in the process. “Hunger and Thirst” was explosive in its two-guitar-two-drummer chug. Other times, they were more like a prog-rock band with plainspoken, poetic lyrics, complex orchestral dynamics paired with a heavy dose of humanity. Despite a brand new album, Offerings, just a few weeks out of the bag, the set list was democratic in its selections from the band’s history. Regardless of new or old, the audience was eager to participate, dancing, singing and clapping along at the right moment, calling out requests in anticipation of the next song.

Check out pictures from the Music Hall of Williamsburg show, including opener Bad Bad Hats (we missed Sunbathe) in the gallery above.