Meg Remy is cool as a cucumber. During a long intro for "Window Pane," where she and the rest of her U.S. Girls band stood statue still, some joker in the audience made the raspberry sound. Without breaking a smile she said with steely eyes, "I heard that."

It was what felt like the only unrehearsed moment during U.S. Girls' first of three shows in one night they played on Friday (4/13) at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right. That is not a criticism. Remy and her eight-piece band put on show in the best since of the word, a glammy disco extravaganza with many memorable showstoppers that could have been the climax of another band's night... but here they just kept coming. Meg is a charismatic performer and, as we noted about their SXSW performance, the band is shit-hot and has amazing chemistry. There were a couple points where the keyboardist Geordie Gordon grabbed his mic and joined Meg and backup singer Kassie Richardson at the center of the stage for "Pearly Gates" where they sang to each other, dancing, and it was magic.

The setlist, which was the same for all three shows at Baby's Friday night, pulled mainly from this year's great In a Poem Unlimited, with a few songs from 2015's Half Free and "28 Days" from 2013's Free Advice Column EP. (Side note: 4AD made "Mad as Hell" giant foam middle fingers which they gave out to the crowd.) You can check out the setlist and video of "Pearly Gates" and "Window Shades" from the late show below. Pictures from the early show, including ones of opener Gold Dime (the current group from Talk Normal's Andrya Ambro), are in the gallery above.

If U.S. Girls are playing near you, make a point to go see them. Their next NYC appearance will be at The National's "There's No Leaving New York" festival at Forest Hills Stadium in September.


SETLIST: U.S. Girls @ Baby's All Right 4/13/2018
Velvet 4 Sale
Rage of Plastics
28 Days
Navy & Cream
Window Pane
Sororal Feelings
Pearly Gates


photos by Amanda Hatfield

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