Comprised of collected performances from U2’s 2006 South American tour, U2 3-D makes use of “digital 3-D and surround sound technology to plunge us into almost supernatural proximity to the musicians.” In other words, you can almost pluck the fly eyeshades from Bono’s slickened hair. Sounds like a can’t miss doc for U2 fans, who couldn’t afford tickets anywhere but the nosebleed section. Besides it wouldn’t be a Sundance music doc without Bono sticking his Irish mug somewhere. [Rundown On Sundance Music Docs]

I actually saw the trailer for this in a 3-D IMAX theater in Washington DC right before New Years. I definitely would have paid to see the whole movie on that screen (which is billed as the largest screen in the world). That's partly because I love everything in 3-D IMAX, partly because I'm a "music fan", and partly because the trailer just made it seem hilariously awesome - this GIANT Bono making Bono faces right in your face in 3-D, the roaring crowd, etc. I don't know if I would see it anywhere but IMAX though. It opens in a bunch of them (including Lincoln Center in NYC) on January 23rd, then a lot more theaters on Feb. 15th, and it's at Sundance now.

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