Either there are two major secret shows happening in NYC on Monday at 2 pm, or U2 IS NOT PLAYING in Washington Square Park.

Yesterday U2log.com reported that U2 is playing around 2 pm in Washington Square Park.

This morning, Janelle told me, and an email in my inbox confirmed, that MTV is holding a special performance "by one of the BIGGEST ROCK BANDS in the WORLD" in Brooklyn at the same time.

I logged into 1iota (hint), requested 2 tickets, and within an hour I got my confirmation. So either I'll be missing U2 tomorrow to see one of the OTHER biggest rock bands in the world, or a lot of people will be standing in Washington Square Park wondering what's going on while I'm checking out U2 'btwn the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges' on the Brooklyn side.


In related news, U2 played Saturday Night Live last night (at least we know for sure that they are in NYC...). I thought it was cool that Bono started the performance with his face right in the camera going "live live live live." I took it as their way of telling us they wouldn't be following in Ashlee's footsteps.

More on U2's SNL performance at U2log (my new most referenced web site)


U2's new album comes out on Tuesday. They've also got their own IPOD, but who needs a U2 IPOD, when you can get a perfectly good 20 GB non-U2 one FOR FREE.



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