Following a string of catchy DIY singles and a 2021 mini-LP, UK artist NANCY (aka Jamie Hall, who also plays in Brighton band Tigercub) has announced debut album English Leather which will be out October 28 via Blame Recordings.

Nancy pulls from a wide variety of '70s sounds -- recent single "I Hate Rock N' Roll" owed a little debt to The Stooges and Motorhead, while the just-released "Would You Be My Judy" is a glammy pop confection with a pounding piano main riff.  “When I was 18 I moved from Sunderland to Brighton,” NANCY says. “It was a culture shock, a mix of the thrilling, terrifying and profound. My song 'Judy' is a story of mine from that time, when I was learning who I was, experimenting and exploring everything that life had to offer me."

Listen to "Would You Be My Judy?" and "I Hate Rock & Roll" below.

attachment-LP Artwork_ Nancy - English Leather

English Leather:
01 - English Leather
02 - Can’t Get Rid Of You
03 - Would You Be My Judy?
04 - Ruby
05 - Moonlight
06 - Driftwood
07 - I Caught Feelings
08 - I Hate Rock & Roll
09 - Black Choral Bells
10 - Sweet Like Sugarcane

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