Cruelty have been on the rise since forming in 2017, releasing a handful of EPs/splits/demos, and touring with fellow UK bands like Renounced, Higher Power, Big Cheese, and now they're set to release their full-length debut album There Is No God Where I Am on April 30 via Church Road Records (pre-order). The album was recorded by Ian Boult (Basement), mixed by Taylor Young (Regional Justice Center, Xibalba, etc) and mastered by Brad Boatright, and it features guest vocals by members of Mantlet, Mourning, and more.

The first single is "A Lie That Makes Life Bearable," which is an offering of dark, chaotic, metallic hardcore that's gained Cruelty comparisons to '90s bands like Botch and Converge, but Cruelty sound fresh and modern. It's a very promising first taste, as you can hear for yourself below...

1. An Introduction
2. A Lie That Makes Life Bearable
3. Spiritual War
4. Crimson Eye
5. Dead Culture
6. If There Is A God, He Does Not Believe In Me
7. Mine
8. To The Ground
9. Cut
10. Barren Land In Bloom
11. Starve
12. There Is No God Where I Am

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