Fehlt are a five-piece hailing from Leeds, UK, who have been making dissonant indie rock for a few years now. The group are led by singer and songwriter Ewan Barr (previously of Dose) and also includes Will Shuttleworth (guitar), Ben Udin (drums), Adam Rundle (bass) and Anna Patterson (violin). The band's sound is discordant but melodic, with interlocking spidery guitar parts that spin out from a similar universe as Omni and Preoccupations. While their name might make some think of a much-revered UK cult band from the '80s, Barr says it's actually “a rough German translation of ‘The Missing’, taken from a personal favourite Deerhunter track," and that "it just stood out as a name that would sit coherently with the sonics and artwork for the band.”

The group are gearing up to release their debut EP, titled Figure Two, on September 17 via Clue Records, which features five originals and a cover of Joy Division's "No Love Lost." (Preorder yours.) We've got the premiere of intense new single "Withdrawal." “The track began as a much slower demo titled ‘Serotonin’,” says Barr. “But when I rewrote it, I was watching a documentary on the effects of recklessly prescribing antidepressants to young adults; how the lack of money invested in mental health services by the [UK] government means that GPs don’t have much choice because waiting lists are so long. Medication is seen as a quick fix, generally without the risks of withdrawal symptoms being discussed.”

The video for "Withdrawal" was directed by Barr and features very cool abstract animation. Watch that, and check out another track off the EP, below.


Fehlt - Figure Two tracklist:
Light Porcelain (ft Boshe)
Shared Pleasantries
No Love Lost

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