Heriot are a very promising new atmospheric metalcore band from the UK who debuted last year with the song "Cleansed Existence," followed it in early 2021 with "Recreant," and are now releasing the two-song single "Dispirit" / "Absolute" this Friday (5/7) via Church Road Records. "Dispirit" and its video are out now, and it pairs dark, apocalyptic instrumentation with the thrilling dual-vocal approach of guitarist Debbie Gough and bassist Jake Packer.

"Lyrically, the track speaks of how having a highly regarded status can be manipulated and abused, allowing [someone] to appear to live two lives," drummer Julian Gage told Revolver. "This is a topic that rings true with all of us, if it's not something you've come across personally, it is something you can agree is evident and all around us in some way. Only when the abuser is exposed, do they face justice: 'Deceiver, It's too late for cowards truth.' This song is a call straight to the manipulator."

It kinda sounds like if Code Orange got more into post-rock, but even that description doesn't do it justice. Check it out, alongside the band's two previous singles, below.



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