Manchester, UK hardcore band Incisions will follow their 2018 self-titled debut LP with their sophomore album, BLISS, on April 2 via TNSrecords (pre-order). They recently released lead single "No Shame" and we're now premiering the second single, "Fuck The World," a song that's ferocious enough to earn that title.

"'Fuck the World' isn’t exactly our most subtle song to date," guitarist/vocalist Jordan says. "That being said, this is not only a furious take on the state of the world we live in but also the punk scene's divided and juvenile reaction to it." That very much comes through in the song, which includes shouts of "The police protect the fascists/While they’re marching in the streets" and "All the punk bands are singing happy songs/At least while the world burns, you can all sing along" over circle-pit-inducing madness. The song would fit in anywhere from early American hardcore to UK street punk to '90s skate punk to the current hardcore scene, and if you like any or all of that, you should give this a rip. This is loud, fast punk rock done right. Listen below.

1. You're Not The Same
2. Fuck The World
3. Fighting Myself
4. Repeat Prescription
5. The Fluke
6. Back of the Line
7. No Shame
8. First Impressions
9. The Sweeney
10. Broken Home
11. Better
12. Insecure


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