Leeds group Mush make twisty indie rock that pulls from the gamut of the arch and angular. The band's second album, Lines Redacted, will be out February 12 via Memphis Industries. The band were dealt a huge blow in December when guitarist Steven Tyson died, but they're pressing on.

Mush just shared a very catchy new single, "Seven Trumpets." Frontman Dan Hyndman says it "started as a climate change jaunt, but with the plethora of Armageddon scenarios currently on display, it became more about sleepwalking into disaster in a generalised sense. It has a Beefhearty breakdown in the middle." Give it a listen below.

Speaking of Beefhearty breakdowns, we talked with Dan about some of the music that influenced Lines Redacted, and he put together a list of 10 tracks, including Patti Smith, Richard Hell, The Fall, Stephen Malkmus, British Sea Power, and more, complete with commentary. It's a fun read and listen and you can check that out below.


Commiserations: - "Gin Soaked"
I think this is the band we collectively saw the most. It was a brief candle and they imploded far too soon but for a year or so we saw these guys once a month. They only ever played this small co-op and i don’t think they pressed a record. To my mind the best band from Leeds in our time. Noisy no wave stuff, recordings don’t do it justice but worth a listen.

Drahla - "Fictional Decision"
Locally sourced again. These were the next Leeds band to excite. Luckily we had got our act together a little by this point so we did a few gigs together and became pals. This song was the big hitter at the very early gigs so is chosen for sentimental purposes. Noisy again but a touch more accessible too.

Stephen Malkmus &amp The Jicks - "1% of 1"
I got this record [Pig Lib] when I was 15 in my first Pavement fanatic phase. I liked it, but it came into heavy rotation a year later during a teenage pothead phase. The band went to see Malkmus in Manchester once. He had just done a music video with Jack Black. I drunkenly heckled ‘get Jack Black out’ and he thought I said ‘get your cock out’ and called me out on it. Later I saw a review in NME and the heckling mix up had made it into the review. It was a proud moment.

The Fall - "Dice Man"
I ended up reading The Dice Man by George Cockcroft because of this song. As Fall songs go it’s a decent one but not especially stand out. But the book is amazing. It's about a jaded psychiatrist who starts making all his decisions on dice rolls. It leads him into being this absurd cult figure and people following a dice religion. It’s got a laugh into the abyss vibe which I think the record does to some extent.

Stereolab - "Metronomic Underground"
I first heard this tune when it was spat out of an algorithm, a rare win for the machines. Incredibly late to the party on Stereolab, bizarrely we ended up playing some shows with them a month or so after i heard this track. Great shows and this song was the highlight.

Richard Hell - "Time"
Our guitarist Tyson recently passed away. He really loved this tune so I thought I would include. We got really into it as a band after Cate Le Bon covered it while she was on tour at some point. She did a really great cover of it and the original is amazing too. We saw Cate le Bon a lot at the time as a group and the track has a lot of sentimental value and I guess it’s generally a pretty sentimental song in the first place.

Patti Smith - "Pissing in a River"
Been lucky enough to see Patti live a few times. This song always knocks me for 6. Pure undistilled emotion and just a really thoughtful inspirational individual on every level. Musically the stompy kinda classic groove of the band also an inspiration for some of the tracks e.g. ‘Lines Redacted’ the title tune on this latest record.

British Sea Power - "No Lucifer"
Me and Nick have known each other since we were kids. As teenagers we used to go watch British Sea Power a lot and were obsessed with them. Later we ended up playing a bunch of shows supporting them which was a real full circle moment. First three records were really important, to Me and Nick at least anyway. The best tune is actually Great Skua, but this is a better starting off point.

Savage Mansion - "Situation Comedy"
Everytime we play London we suck. But one rare highlight was playing with these guys. I kind of got it straight away, it was clear we were into similar stuff and we became friends. The guitar tones are always on point and they make good well written songs lyrically too. We see them whenever we cross the border and have an ace time in Glasgow.

DUDS - "Elastic Seal"
These guys seemed to gain a member every week and span off into avant jazz style post punk, like The Pop Group kind of. That stuff was great too, but before then they did some shows as a 4 piece and they were blistering shows. It was kinda like The Fire Engines. We saw them a lot as a group and I think this one was one of the last tunes that snuck in while they were in their original 4 piece line-up. At the time they were an influence for sure. Great guitar riff.

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