UK band Puppy are gearing up to follow their 2019 debut album The Goat with their sophomore LP, Pure Evil, on May 6 via Rude Records (pre-order). They recently released the singles "The Kiss" and "Angel," and we're now premiering the third single and its video, "...And Watched It Glow." It's a heavy, shoegazy, catchy alt-rock song that feels like The Smashing Pumpkins and Torche in a blender, and if you're into rock songs with big hooks and bigger riffs you should check this one out.

"This was a really fun track to write," the band tells us. "The germ of the idea came from tuning our guitars as low as we could get them and just playing this obnoxious drone at this head nodding slow tempo. That musical brashness fed into the lyrics as well, and the whole thing kind of became a bit of an anthem about doing things your own way and having fun with it. Even the album title Pure Evil is sort of a call-back to the parent bothering titles of Reagan-era Heavy Metal and how joyously churlish that attitude was. We wanted to approach the video for '...And Watched it Glow' in a similar manner, especially with it coinciding with our album announcement."

"Puppy as a band has always been about playing with the trivia & tropes of Heavy music, reframing dark, Gothic imagery & ideas in a way that becomes playful, strange & somehow a bit at odds with itself," they continue. "With this video it was really fun to attempt to fully realize these dynamics in almost every frame that we shot. We also got to set fire to tons of stuff, which was awesome." Check it out below.

01. Shining Star
02. The Kiss
03. My Offer
04. Wasted Little Heart
05. Hear My Word
06. Spellbound
07. Dear John
08. ... And Watched It Glow
09. Holy Water
10. Sacrifice
11. Angel
12. Shame
13. Glacial


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