UK band The Hanging Stars, which includes Richard Olson (The 18th Day of May) and Patrick Ralla (The Rockingbirds), make psychedelic country folk steeped in The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, early '70s Laurel Canyon, and other sun-dappled, stargazing sounds. The band released their third album, A New Kind Of Sky, back in February and are now set to follow that up with a new EP. It's anchored by absolutely gorgeous album standout "I Woke Up in July," and features two other songs, one of which is a cover of Bert Jansch's "Fresh As a Sweet Sunday Morning."

They've made a video for "I Woke Up in July" which was directed by Inner Strings who mixes Super-8 footage of the band with old-school psychedelic light show visuals that feels as unhinged from time as the song. The video premieres in this post and you can watch that below.

I Woke Up in July is out July 10 (pre-order). You can also stream A New Kind of Sky below.