UK two-piece Death Goals recently released the killer new single "Gender Traitor," and they more recently released another new song, "Shrike," and revealed that both songs will appear on their debut full-length The Horrible and The Miserable, due June 4 via self-release. "Shrike" is another total rager; like "Gender Traitor," it's a chaotic blend of screamo, metalcore, mathcore, post-hardcore, and more, and the sonic assault of the music is matched by the very tangible desperation in the lyrics. "I hate myself, why couldn't I hate someone else?" guitarist/vocalist Harry Bailey shrieks right before the song's chugging breakdown. It's intense.

Speaking to Hardbeat about the album, Harry mentioned how lockdown gave the band more time to tweak and perfect things, and he also spoke about addressing LGBTQ issues head-on with "Gender Traitor":

Your track Gender Traitor deals with LGBTQ issues, which is more prevalent on this record than previous releases. Was there something that sparked this change?

HB: I’ve always been very vocal about it in my personal life, identifying as queer, but after lockdown and being at uni it was far more prevalent in my mind. Seeing the rise of the alt-right and such made me think that now is the time to start talking about this, as it’s something I need to get off my chest.

What reaction has there been so far to the subject matter of the track?

HB: Most people already know about me being queer, but my Grandad sent me a text saying he’d watched it and thought it was powerful stuff. I was surprised he’d even heard it, he’s a seventy year old man, he shouldn’t be listening to hardcore!

Read more here and watch the videos for both singles below...

1. Defenstration
2. Misery
3. Helen Keller Is Teaching Me How To Talk To Boys
4. Car Crash Romance
5. Shrike
6. Exit Wounds
7. A Different Type Of Headache
8. The Horrible and The Miserable
10. Gender Traitor
11. Nothing Left To Give

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